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The next 6 months: services that plan to start using GOV.UK Verify

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We're blogging again after a quiet pre-election period.

We posted in February listing some of the services we were expecting to start using GOV.UK Verify before August 2015. This post provides an update on our plans.

Eleven of the services we listed as starting to use GOV.UK Verify early this year are now connected to the hub. Seven of these are available as public betas:

The remaining 4 are in private beta with small numbers of invited users.

Table: updated list of services we expect to start using GOV.UK Verify in the next 6 months

Department Service Status Total users / year Users by November 2015
HMRC Check or update your company car tax Connected February 2014; in public beta 70k 20k
Defra Claim rural payments Connected July 2014; in public beta 100k-300k 100k
HMRC Do your self assessment online (limited trial) Connected December 2014, in trial (limited numbers of people can choose to use GOV.UK Verify to access the self assessment service) 3m 50k
HMRC Renew your tax credits online Connected February 2015; in public beta 3m 1m
HMRC Check your income tax estimate Connected February 2015; in private beta 2m 80k
BIS / Insolvency Service Claim for redundancy and monies owed Connected February 2015; in public beta 100k 15k
HMRC Help your friends or family with their tax Connected March 2015; in public beta (this service currently supports users with two HMRC services and will expand across more services during summer) - User numbers will be a percentage of those accessing other HMRC services through this channel
HMRC Claim a tax refund Connected March 2015; in public beta 95k 30k
DWP Log in to your universal credit digital account (trial) Connected March 2015; in private beta 10m <1k
HMRC Check your state pension Connected April 2015; in private beta 3m <10k
HMRC Apply for the marriage allowance Connected April 2015; in private beta 3m 200k+
DfT / DVLA View your driving licence information Due to connect by July 2015 1.5m 125k
HMRC Inheritance tax online Due to connect by August 2015 80k <5k
HMRC Do your self assessment online (full service) Due to connect by November 2015 3m 2m+


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  1. Comment by Michael Motkin posted on


    I wanted to ask why you are expecting such low numbers with universal tax credits?

    Do you think most of the users will be self assessment like myself?

    • Replies to Michael Motkin>

      Comment by Jess McEvoy posted on

      Hi Michael, thanks for your question.

      The universal credit digital account is being initially offered to a small number of users as a trial so the team can learn and improve the journey before making it available more widely. As well as showing the number of users expected in the first six months we also show the eventual population of users for this service, which in this case is 10 million.


      • Replies to Jess McEvoy>

        Comment by Michael Motkin posted on

        Thank you Jess, what is the current estimate for this to be rolled out to all Universal Credit users?
        Before or after March 2016?

  2. Comment by Liam Duddy posted on


    When can I use GOV.UK Verify to claim Marriage Allowance?

  3. Comment by Jen Green posted on

    Are there plans to expand this to local government?

  4. Comment by Sue posted on

    Are you planning on using more UK based companies to assist with the roll out of GOV.UK Verify, as I would imagine that as the numbers all together for users are so high you would want to prevent any major outage across all areas? How do UK tech companies look at getting involved with the process.

  5. Comment by Peter Godfrey posted on

    We run a teaching agency and would like ask UK citizens to go through the verify programme before we employ them
    Is this possible?

    • Replies to Peter Godfrey>

      Comment by Rebecca Hales posted on

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for your interest in GOV.UK Verify.

      GOV.UK Verify is the new way to prove who you are online in order to safely government services like filing your tax or checking the information on your driving licence. At this stage we're prioritising building a scaling a service that works for users of central government services so, no, you wouldn't be able to use GOV.UK Verify for your teaching agency.

      However, we are looking at the practicalities of private sector re-use via the Open Identity Exchange. If, as a company, you'd like to find out more about this discovery work, or get involved, you can visit