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GOV.UK Verify

Services that plan to start using GOV.UK Verify

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Throughout our public beta we’ve posted regularly about the services we expect to start using GOV.UK Verify. Our most recent update was in May.

Usually we provide a six-month view, with estimated user numbers. Following a recent exercise with a number of departments to identify services that wish to connect to GOV.UK Verify, we’re now able to share a forward look that takes us to live in April 2016, and beyond.

Current status

Thirteen of the services we listed as starting to use GOV.UK Verify early this year are now connected to the hub, of which 11 are actively using GOV.UK Verify at the moment. Six of these are available as public betas:

The remaining 5 are in private beta with small numbers of invited users.

Last month we trialled basic identity accounts with HMRC’s Renew your tax credits public beta service and Apply for the marriage allowance service for invited users. The trial is now over and you can read these posts about the trial and its completion.

The next 3 months and beyond

Those services that are connected or are almost ready to do so are listed in Table 1 below.

We are currently working with more than 15 other government services planning to connect to GOV.UK Verify in the next year. These appear in Table 2.

There is a further group of approximately 20 services that may adopt GOV.UK Verify over the next year but their planning work is still in an early stage. We’ll tell you more about those services in our next update.

This list of services and the estimates of user numbers are subject to change. They’ll be necessarily revised as services move through the various stages of onboarding and we learn more about user demographics and anticipated volumes.

Table 1: updated list of services we expect to start using GOV.UK Verify by November 2015


Department Service Status Total users / year Users by November 2015
HMRC Check or update your company car tax Connected February 2014; in public beta 70k 20k
Defra Claim rural payments Connected July 2014; in public beta 100k-300k 5k
HMRC Do your self assessment online Connected December 2014; in public beta 3m <500k
HMRC Check your income tax estimate Connected February 2015; in private beta 2m 80k
BIS / Insolvency Service Claim for redundancy and monies owed Connected February 2015; in public beta 100k 15k
HMRC Help your friends or family with their tax Connected March 2015; in public beta (this service currently supports users with two HMRC services and will expand across more services during summer) - User numbers will be a proportion of those accessing other HMRC services through this facility
HMRC Claim a tax refund Connected March 2015; in public beta 95k 30k
DWP Log in to your universal credit digital account (limited trial) Connected March 2015; in private beta 10m <3k
HMRC Check your state pension Connected April 2015; in private beta 3m <10k
DfT / DVLA View your driving licence information Connected June 2015; in private beta 1.5m 25k
HMRC Sign in to your personal tax account Connected July 2015; in private beta (HMRC services and forms will be made available to users in the personal tax account) - User numbers will be a proportion of those accessing other HMRC services through this facility
HMRC Inheritance tax online Due to connect by September 2015 200k 5k
HMRC View your medical benefit Due to connect by October 2015 270k 2k

Table 2: list of services planning to use GOV.UK Verify in the next year


Department Service Target beta date Total users / year
NHS View your health record (Liverpool pilot) September to December 2015 5k
BIS Personal learning record October to December 2015 200k
DfT Amend driver record October to December 2015 1m
BIS Bankruptcy online October to December 2015 12k
DWP Personal Independence Payment December to March 2016 150k
BIS Sign your mortgage deed January to March 2016 180k
NI Register a child’s birth in Northern Ireland January to March 2016 25k
DWP Child maintenance April 2016 35k
MoJ Money claim online April 2016 150k
DfE Childminder or childcare provider (Ofsted) April 2016 5k
NHS Total Rewards statement April 2016 200k
DWP Access to work April to June 2016 15k
DWP Bereavement support July 2016 40k
HMRC Tax free childcare July 2016 1m
MoJ Uncontested divorce July 2016 120k


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