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    Hey Steve ,

    Could you do us a favour? Anyone trying to track ID developments in gov.uk has an impossible task as you keep splitting the reports between identityassurance.blog.gov.uk and https://gds.blog.gov.uk/category/id-assurance/

    It's OK for me. I understand that everything started in the Cabinet office (which is why Mike Bracken was doing all the reporting on the early stuff. i.e. pre June 2012 https://gds.blog.gov.uk/2012/06/14/cabinet-office-joins-open-identity-exchange/ )

    But now you guys are in the middle between the global (OIX) perspective and the area which makes the new rules = local gov. https://gds.blog.gov.uk/2012/10/25/ida-local/

    So if, when your getting ready for your next global IDA summit, you could choose a few services - like streaming and a forum to bring the local and global perspectives together, that would be good. NB. William's note about needing "one forum like this to work". Bottom line? All a National gov can do is make sure the National standards are OK. After that it's up to the local communities (groups.gov) to find their National and Global peers, and collaborate.

    If we can open this discussion up, and include the guys in the R&E networks, it will save us reinventing the wheel.