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  1. Comment by simonfj posted on

    Hey Steve ,

    Could you do us a favour? Anyone trying to track ID developments in has an impossible task as you keep splitting the reports between and

    It's OK for me. I understand that everything started in the Cabinet office (which is why Mike Bracken was doing all the reporting on the early stuff. i.e. pre June 2012 )

    But now you guys are in the middle between the global (OIX) perspective and the area which makes the new rules = local gov.

    So if, when your getting ready for your next global IDA summit, you could choose a few services - like streaming and a forum to bring the local and global perspectives together, that would be good. NB. William's note about needing "one forum like this to work". Bottom line? All a National gov can do is make sure the National standards are OK. After that it's up to the local communities ( to find their National and Global peers, and collaborate.

    If we can open this discussion up, and include the guys in the R&E networks, it will save us reinventing the wheel.