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The next 6 months: services that plan to start using GOV.UK Verify

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We’ve been working with departments to identify the digital services that will need to use GOV.UK Verify. This post lists the services we’re expecting to start using GOV.UK Verify in the next 6 months.

The Government’s aim is that all the services that need identity assurance for individuals will be using GOV.UK Verify by March 2016. Between now and then we will gradually add more services and increase our ability to operate at the scale required for the full range of user needs and demand.

Many of the services we’re working with are themselves in the process of being developed, tested and scaled, so we’ll need to be flexible in response to changing plans and circumstances.

We’re starting with a combination of relatively small-scale services and small-scale trials with larger-scale services. What we learn in beta, developing GOV.UK Verify in an agile way, will help ensure that we’re ready to meet the large volumes of users and peaks in demand that we’re expecting to see as new services come online.

The numbers of users shown in the right hand column give an estimate of the scale we’re expecting to be operating at over the next few months, while those in the Total Users column give a sense of the total volumes that we can expect to be working with as each of the services reaches maturity.

It’s difficult to estimate how many people might use a new or transformed digital service in its first six months; usage will depend on how people respond to the new service and how departments choose develop the particular service. Working with departments and identity providers, we may need to speed up access or to slow it down as we work on scaling and improving GOV.UK Verify.

We’re working with many different services across government, and we’re expecting more services than are listed here to start using GOV.UK Verify between January and March 2015. If we haven’t included them here, that’s because we haven’t yet finished agreeing our joint plans for those services.


Department Service Will connect during the 3 months ending Total users / year Users in first 6 months (ie by April 2015)
Defra CAP information service Dec 2014 100k-300k 100k
HMRC PAYE (Change Company Car Details) Dec 2014 70k 20k
DfT / DVLA View Driving Licence Dec 2014 500k 50k
BIS / Insolvency Service Redundancy Payments Dec 2014 100k 15k
DWP Change of address Dec 2014 tbc <1k
HMRC Self-assessment (trial) Dec 2014 3m 50k
HMRC Tax credit renewals Mar 2015 2m 100k+
DWP Universal Credit Mar 2015 10m <1k
HMRC PAYE self-service Mar 2015 2m 80k
HMRC Transferable tax allowance Mar 2015 3m 50k


We hope it’s useful to see this initial list, and we’re looking forward to reporting back on our updated plan in due course. If you’ve got any comments on how we’re presenting this information and how we can improve it, please let us know in the comments.


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    is it open to local government and how does it work?