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Market briefing event 30 October - slides

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This week we’ve published the slides from our recent market briefing event. We held the event on 30 October to make the market aware of developments on the Identity Assurance Programme since our previous briefing event in April.

We’ve explained in a previous blogpost that we are going to publish an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notice at the end of November to launch a procurement exercise for identity providers.

We’ve recently published information for potential bidders which included:

At the market briefing event, we explained the commercial and legal structure and the timetable for Procurement 2.

More than 100 delegates from 85 organisations attended and were given the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on our proposed approach to Procurement 2.

Please use this email address if you'd like to ask questions about Procurement 2: or comment below.

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1 comment

  1. Comment by simonfj posted on

    Thanks Janet. Max.

    This and the other latest reports are just terrific in keeping developments in open.
    Is there any chance - i do appreciate that it's not in the GDS remit to do some community building - that we could take the approach projects like NHScitizen and many others are doing?

    It's going to get very hard to share the discussions, especially as things move into the euro public space, by just using a blog. e.g. You can see that the OPM LinkedIn group is up to 927 members from a standing start last year. Lisa and the team are promoting what's going on around country. As you know, the IDA has international implications, so it's going to get busier for your team; as it it for the teams in other countries.

    It's hard, as so many of the (subject-specific) discussions which go on tend to happen on isolated blogs or institutional web sites; particularly in the (UK) govspace where the idea of community building between peers inside institutions is not yet established (although a lot of people inside EC institutions are trying

    Regardless, thanks for the openness and reports.