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Private beta demonstration

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Watch Janet Hughes demonstrating the identity assurance private beta service at the recent OIX UK, Economics of Identity Summit.

This is work in progress, presented to give a flavour of how it will work. The service is liable to change quite a bit before it goes live for public use.

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As always, if you have questions or feedback about the identity assurance programme, please feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to respond.

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  1. Comment by Ross posted on

    I'm still intrigued about the decision to keep the Identity Hub software closed source 'because security' even though it appears that as a means of keeping something secure that has been pretty reasonably debunked, by Bruce Schneier and others.

    Is there any more information anywhere about the justifications for keeping something so important closed?

    • Replies to Ross>

      Comment by Janet Hughes posted on

      Hi Ross, thanks for commenting. We have a post almost ready to go about this which explains what we're doing and why. I will give you a shout as soon as it's out, which I hope will be this week.

  2. Comment by simonfj posted on

    Many thanks Janet (Steve),

    It really has been wonderful to watch the development of this ID space question, from the UK.GOV perspective, especially with your "Central/Local IDA schemes" proof-of-concept (POC). Congrats to Rob, Ian and Co.

    I have been tracking these kinds of developments for over 2 decades now; mainly in the edu space. This will give you an idea of the kinds of POC's I follow. You can imagine that I'm interested in where ideas about "lifelong learning", and a "citizen", account coincide.

    So I did pose the question on this thread, about the difference in a user's experience, between registering to vote at a National site or (e.g.) as a Warwickshire resident on their site. and pointed to your POF. (It has yet to be "unmoderated".)

    I don't mean to be heretical here. But the one point of convergence, between the edu, and gov, spaces seems to rely on where a person comes from.

    As yet, that seems undecided.

  3. Comment by Mrs. Insecure Citizen of UK posted on

    Just found this info on the web. I do not intend ever to sign up to anything which involves so many insecure compromises and access by Government and others to my security and identify. If it means not driving and keeping all my money at home under the bed I will do so rather than feel so insecure as an UK citizen.

    What you need to do is MAKE IT SECURE - this does not mean giving our info to all Tom Dick and Harry companies in order to promote COMMERCE and MONEY IN BUSINESS.


    The UK Government should be about keeping people safe not giving our personal info to everyone just because they feel they need it.