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Government services using GOV.UK Verify - May 2016 update

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We posted in November 2015 about services planning to use GOV.UK Verify, when we shared a forward look towards live and beyond. Now that GOV.UK Verify has gone live, this post provides an update on the services that will be using it over the coming months. We’ve got a lot of services in our pipeline preparing to start using GOV.UK Verify over the next year, but it will be a gradual process, not a 'big bang' switchover.

Current status

There are ten services currently available as public beta services with GOV.UK Verify. Another service is using GOV.UK Verify in private beta (available at a smaller scale for invited users only). Three more services are connected to our hub but not currently active.

Overall we’ve now verified more than 530,000 identities, and we’re projecting that this will increase to between 750,000 and 2,000,000 in the next year. However, these projections are always uncertain because they depend on such a wide range of variables - the timing and extent of adoption of GOV.UK Verify by services and the take-up of new and transformed digital services by users. For some services we're not yet ready to predict likely volumes of users this year - these are marked as TBC in the tables below. We're working with all these services to understand their adoption plans and expected volumes of users, and we'll give updates in future posts.

Over the next year we'll also be working with local authorities and health services on a number of pilots exploring user needs and the potential for re-use of GOV.UK Verify in those sectors. We'll be blogging separately about that soon but those volumes are not included in the tables below.

Those services that are connected now are listed in Table 1. The table shows, for each service, their total population of users each year, and their anticipated number of new users sent to GOV.UK Verify by April 2017.

Table 1: services already using GOV.UK Verify

Department Service Status Total users / year Anticipated new users sent to GOV.UK Verify by April 2017
DfT / DVLA View or share your driving licence information Connected September 2015; in public beta 15m 100-400k
DfT / DVLA Tell DVLA about your medical condition Connected May 2016; in private beta 300k 50-90k
DWP Sign in to the Universal Credit digital account Connected March 2015; in public beta (restricted by postcode) 10m >5k
DWP / HMRC Check your state pension Connected April 2015; in public beta 3m 100-300k
HMRC Sign in and file your self assessment tax return Connected December 2014; in public beta 3m >100k
HMRC Sign in to your personal tax account Connected July 2015; in public beta. - 100-200k

Volumes include users accessing these services directly via start pages and through the personal tax account

HMRC Check your income tax estimate Connected February 2015; in public beta. Also accessible via personal tax account. 2m
HMRC Check or update your company car tax Connected February 2014; Live service. Also accessible via personal tax account. 70k
HMRC Claim a tax refund Connected March 2015; in public beta. Now only accessible via personal tax account. 95k
HMRC Help your friends or family with their tax Connected March 2015; in public beta. Also accessible via personal tax account. -
BIS / Insolvency Service Claim for redundancy and monies owed Connected February 2015; in public beta 100k 30k
Defra Claim rural payments Connected July 2014; in public beta 90k 5-10k
HMRC Tax credits service Connected February 2015 as part of a limited trial; trial ended in July 2015.

Service is about to reconnect - June 2016
3m 150k

The next 3 months and beyond

We’re working with 37 other government services that are planning to adopt GOV.UK Verify. Eighteen of these are in the process of onboarding to GOV.UK Verify, whereas others are still in the earlier stages of engagement. The 18 services are listed in Table 2.

This list of services, the timing of their adoption of Verify and the estimates of user numbers, are subject to change. They’ll be revised as services move through the various stages of onboarding and we learn more about user needs, service plans and anticipated volumes of demand. 

Table 2: services planning to use GOV.UK Verify in the next year

Department Service Status Anticipated GOV.UK Verify users in the next year
NHS England View your personal health record (NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group pilot) Planning to connect June 2016 5k
DfT / DVSA Apply for an operator licensing certificate Planning to connect July 2016 <5k
BIS/Insolvency Service Declare bankruptcy online Planning to connect July 2016 10k
BIS/ Land Registry Sign your mortgage deed Planning to connect September 2016 TBC, Summer 2016
DWP Activate your state pension Planning to connect October 2016 <5k
DWP Apply for the Personal Independence Payment Planning to connect October 2016 TBC, Summer 2016
HMRC Apply for childcare support Planning to connect November 2016 10-20k
HO / Disclosure and Barring Service Apply for a basic check Planning to connect December 2016 50k
DWP Access to work Planning to connect October to December 2016 15k
DWP Child maintenance Planning to connect 2017 TBC, Winter 2016
DWP Bereavement support Planning to connect 2017 TBC, Winter 2016
DfE / Ofsted Childminder or childcare provider Planning to connect 2017 5k
NI Register a child’s birth in Northern Ireland TBC TBC
MOJ File for uncontested divorce TBC TBC
HMRC Inheritance tax online TBC TBC
HMRC View your medical benefit TBC TBC
BIS / Companies House Voluntary dissolution of a company TBC TBC, Winter 2016
DfT / DVLA Amend your driver record TBC TBC

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  1. Comment by David posted on

    Hi, do you have a time frame for when using gov verify will be the ONLY way i can log into view my licence?
    Currently with just a few minor details like on a job application for employers are using this service against the law,
    This needs to be implemented sooner rather than later to stop discrimination for spent driving convictions that would not be declared if any other service was used to gain licence details

    • Replies to David>

      Comment by Rebecca Hales posted on

      Hi David

      I'm afraid we don't have a time frame for that. It's a decision that DVLA will make.

      • Replies to Rebecca Hales>

        Comment by David posted on

        Thats a shame, after speaking to the dvla they seem keen to stop companies doing this yet they have not implemented this,

        Thanks for the reply,