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GOV.UK Verify

What we’re doing to help teams across government use GOV.UK Verify

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Janet recently wrote about the services that plan to start using GOV.UK Verify over the next 6 months and how, by March 2016, we’re aiming for all services that require identity assurance for individuals to be using GOV.UK Verify. I’m writing today to tell you more about the work we’re doing to help make this happen.

There are many teams across government working to deliver new and transformed digital services. Many of those services will need to use GOV.UK Verify to protect users by making sure the person accessing a service is who they say they are.

Building a new digital service is a difficult task so we want to make the process of integrating with GOV.UK Verify as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve created and published an onboarding guide aimed at the teams across government creating these new services.

So far we’ve published the onboarding guide, some basic information to explain the purpose of each stage and what needs to be done to move through the process. It’s based on our experiences in working with the teams already using GOV.UK Verify, and as we learn more over the coming months it will be expanded and improved.

As well as publishing lots of new content we’ll be working with users to make sure what we’re building meets their needs. If you work for one of the teams building a new or transformed digital service and want to get involved, or just want to give us some feedback, write to us at

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  1. Comment by PK posted on

    Shouldn't the guide refer to the need for the onboarding service to ensure that identity assurance fits into their assisted digital capability?

    Or will existing services adopting GOV.UK Verify be looping back through the Alpha/Beta/Live service standard gateways?

    • Replies to PK>

      Comment by Janet Hughes posted on

      Hi PK, thanks for your question. Yes, I think it would be helpful to refer in the guide to how assisted digital fits in and refer people to the appropriate guidance on that - we'll add that in.

      You're right though, assisted digital is part of the requirements each service has to meet when it's assessed against the digital by default service standard assessment at the alpha, beta and live stages. To meet that standard, each service has to demonstrate it meets the requirements relating to providing assisted digital support that meets the needs of users of that service. If the service includes giving people access through GOV.UK Verify, then the assisted digital support should cover that part of the user journey too.

    • Replies to PK>

      Comment by Janet Hughes posted on

      Hi again PK - we've now updated the guide to include assisted digital as per your suggestion - see and
      Thanks again,