GOV.UK Verify


The Cabinet Office is a member of the Open Identity Exchange (, the organisation that brings together people interested in the developing market identity assurance services. We talk to industry through OIX, and we contribute to projects and research.

Future-proofing our approach to identity verification

Industry and Engagement lead, Carrie Hartnell-Grundy and Business and Risk Analyst, Aaron Cameron, talk about our joint-project with OIX to investigate how to future-proof the requirements of Element C, focusing on knowledge based verification.

Can online activity history help GOV.UK Verify work for more people?

In future could you use your Facebook or Linkedin account as part of the verification process? Industry Engagement lead Livia Ralph shares details of a project, conducted with private sector partners via Open Identity Exchange, looking the use of different sources of activity history when proving an individual is who they say they are.